Meet Andy Gronik

It’s time for a governor who listens to the people.

Who is Andy?

Andy is a husband, father, volunteer football coach, successful entrepreneur, and business consultant who cares deeply about people and wants to make their lives better.

David S. Gronik, Jr. was born and raised in Milwaukee to Anne and David Gronik who combined their first names to call him “Andy.” His dad had a strong work ethic and believed, “If you’re old enough to walk, you’re old enough to sweep,” so Andy grew up sweeping factory floors and de-greasing the machinery being sold by his dad’s small auction business in southeastern Wisconsin. While Andy was always a hard worker, he found school difficult and barely got into college. Grateful for the opportunity to attend the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, Andy focused on his education and went on to thrive in college, ultimately graduating from the prestigious Terry School of Business at the University of Georgia with a bachelor’s degree in business administration — the first graduate in his family.

Business always made sense to Andy – you have a bottom line; you treat your employees like family; you work together to get things done, or you don’t succeed – it’s pretty simple! Andy is proud of his success in business, creating an appraisal and consulting company has helped thousands of struggling businesses throughout the world solve complex problems so they could create good jobs for the people who worked there.

Throughout his career, Andy worked shoulder to shoulder with factory workers while he was appraising manufacturing companies, and he’s helped great Wisconsin employers such as Harley-Davidson, Quad Graphics, Kimberly-Clark, Grassland Dairies, Briggs & Stratton, and many more. As Andy says, “Problems don’t get solved in conference rooms. Problems get solved on the factory floor and by listening to and considering the viewpoints of the people most familiar with the challenges.”

Today, Andy and his wife, Mary, live in Fox Point, Wisconsin, with their two young children and Bernese mountain dog, Auggie.

Andy and Mary fought hard to have a family and fought hard for their family. Andy’s here to fight just as hard for Wisconsin families as governor.

Why Andy is Running for Governor

It’s time for a political system that works.

Andy is here to champion your story and fight for the progressive values that have always moved Wisconsin forward. After seven years of mismanagement by Gov. Scott Walker, our political system is broken, and hard-working Wisconsinites are suffering the most:

  • Families are hanging on by a thread, working multiple jobs and still struggling to get by
  • Public schools and universities, the jewel of our state, are starved of resources
  • Public employees and our state’s most vulnerable are undervalued and humiliated
  • Tens of thousands fear losing their healthcare and maybe their life
  • Our environment is being trashed and public land sold to the highest bidder
  • Our population is aging and young people are fleeing the state
  • Small towns are dying, teachers are leaving and rural hospitals risk closures
  • Roads are crumbling while orange barrels mark statewide construction delays
  • Many have slow or no connection to the Internet and the 21st-century economy
  • Relationships between family, friends, and neighbors have been destroyed by divisive politics

For 35 years, Andy worked with thousands of struggling companies to help solve problems so they could move forward and create more good-paying jobs. He plans to do the same thing for our state as governor.

Leadership takes courage

It’s time to rediscover what we have in common in Wisconsin

Andy is an innovative and courageous leader who will bring people together to rediscover all that we have in common in Our Wisconsin and help find the very best ideas to make life in our state better for everyone.

He is optimistic that Wisconsin can once again become a place where workers can support their families, save for a secure retirement, and watch their children go on to have a shot at a better future. He’ll bring people together to work collaboratively to identify the very best ideas for Wisconsin and convert those ideas into realistic plans that work for our state. Andy will lead, listen and put the people of Wisconsin first.

Politics as usual is not working

It’s time to stop doing the same thing and expecting different results

Andy deeply respects the institutions of government and the public servants who work tirelessly on behalf of the people. But the political system is broken. Andy is here to bring people together, listen to and consider their input; and help craft realistic plans to successfully address the economic and social issues dividing Wisconsin. Andy will surround himself with people who have a deep understanding of how the gears turn in Wisconsin government while finding fresh and innovative ways to create efficiencies that better serve all the people in our state. It’s what he’s always done.

Getting things done

It’s time for real economic growth

Andy has spent 35 years in the real world helping struggling companies which oftentimes couldn’t get a loan from a regular bank solve complex problems and access the money needed to grow and create good-paying jobs. These problem-solving skills are going to come in handy in Wisconsin where families are struggling to find good-paying jobs because our state is last in new business starts, hemorrhaging manufacturing jobs and giving away billions to buy our way into the promise of the 21st-century.

Finding the very best ideas

It’s time to advance plans that put people first

Andy is seeking the very best ideas and he doesn’t care where they come from as long as they put the people of Wisconsin first. He has made a career out of being able to recognize the best ideas and knowing what to do with them. He’ll do this for Wisconsin.

We’ll build on Wisconsin’s Strengths

It’s time to be true to who we are

Andy plans to grow Wisconsin’s economy by staying true to who we are as a state, building on our strengths to create jobs in science, technology, manufacturing and agriculture that support families. Touting low unemployment rates doesn’t feed Wisconsin families – creating good-paying jobs throughout the state does.

Politics is a contact sport

It’s time for a candidate who takes opponents down

Andy will not be intimidated. He’s here to fight for Wisconsin families as hard as he has fought for his own. He’s a former middle linebacker who can take a hit and deliver one, too. Rest assured, when it comes to going one-on-one with Scott Walker and will take him down!

Zero to hero

It’s time for a real conversation

Andy entered this race with zero name recognition. After just six months, Gronik for Wisconsin had the largest social media following, dwarfing everyone else in the Democratic primary. It’s clear people want to elect an optimistic leader with fresh and innovative ideas who is willing to work collaboratively and make it happen.