Women’s Rights

Andy Gronik applauds, as we all should, the hundreds of thousands of women and men that have participated in the women’s marches all around the state — and the country. They are sending the message loud and clear that we will never give up fighting for our shared values of justice and equity. These marches and the emergence of the #MeToo movement poignantly highlight the real disparity between women and men across every aspect of our society – power, influence, compensation, recognition, advancement, respect – you name it. For far too long, people in positions of power have not been listening. Brave women all around the country are making their voices heard, and they are using their voices to make concrete changes to the power imbalances we find in our everyday lives. Andy is in full support of women across the state demanding equal pay, access to reproductive healthcare, and freedom from sexual harassment and abuse.

As governor, Andy Gronik will:

  • Restore the WI Equal Pay Enforcement Act that was repealed in 2012;
  • Ensure access to Constitutionally-protected family planning and reproductive healthcare;
  • Support comprehensive sexual harassment training at all levels of state government;
  • Make it a priority to appoint women to executive positions, so the makeup of our government reflects the makeup of our people;
  • Advocate for paid family leave insurance that allows families to take paid leave from work to ensure economic stability following the birth or adoption of a child or in the midst of a family health crisis;
  • Support affordable child care and afterschool programs that provide flexibility for working families.