Our veterans have made a significant sacrifice to defend our freedoms, and they deserve our loyalty and utmost respect. It must be a solemn duty of our next governor to take care of our veterans when they come home.

Andy Gronik believes Wisconsin can be a model for veteran’s care and offer it as a much broader end-to-end solution that makes it easier for veterans to find the services needed to live a healthy and productive life. He envisions a system where intake is centralized and fully assesses and addresses (to the extent possible) all of the needs of the veteran at that time. Intake then acts as the “quarterback” to efficiently coordinate the services needed by the veteran with various service providers. These needs can include but are not limited to: healthcare, counseling, rehabilitation, education, financial aid, career services, housing assistance, family support, etc.

As your governor, Andy Gronik will:

  • Respect and honor the sacrifice of our veterans;
  • Centralize the services needed by veterans to transition into civilian life;
  • End homelessness among veterans;
  • Help veterans receive the training needed to staff 21st-century jobs, apply their military training to qualifying for related private sector certifications, and start up new businesses;
  • Protect the funds available for state-run veterans homes to ensure proper staffing, facility maintenance, and healthcare services.