Social Justice and Immigration

We will set ourselves up for success when we give people from diverse backgrounds a seat at the table. Too often people in our community face obstacles in their lives that they shouldn’t have to face alone, and under Gov. Walker, our state has not done enough to stand up for their rights. Rest assured, Andy Gronik will be a champion for those rights and seek to govern Wisconsin as a state that treats people with equity.

Andy gets inspiration when he sees people from all walks of life working together to solve the problems they face. With fresh leadership, Andy will work hard to ensure that our government operates with this same kind of collaborative, inclusive, and welcoming spirit.

As governor, Andy Gronik will:

  • Renew our state’s commitment to civil rights and equality for everyone, regardless of race, who you love, what gender you identify as, or what country you immigrated from;
  • Fight for full equality under the law for the LGBTQ community and reject any efforts to discriminate against people whose personal identity and gender does not correspond to their birth sex;
  • Support an honest conversation about the institutional racism in our state and how to eliminate it;
  • Stop the attacks on those who have fallen on hard times by improving job training and other assistance programs instead of threatening the people with starvation and drug testing;
  • Make Wisconsin a state that honors the contributions of immigrant families and do everything he can to stop unfair deportations;
  • Support an expeditious path to citizenship and a permanent solution for DACA recipients;
  • Ensure that everyone living and working in the state of Wisconsin is issued a valid driver’s license and is not the subject of wage discrimination;
  • Make it a priority to appoint people from underrepresented groups to executive positions, so the makeup of our government reflects the composition of our people.