For a Retirement That Works

As a progressive businessman, Andy Gronik did his very best to be a good corporate citizen, and that meant ensuring that workers earned a good-paying wage and could look forward to a secure retirement. As governor, Andy will do the same thing. He believes that a dignified retirement is a cornerstone of the American Dream and Wisconsin residents who have worked their entire lives should have access to quality healthcare, affordable community housing, and greater financial security in retirement. While Republicans have unfairly scapegoated seniors for political gain, Andy will give them the respect they deserve and benefits they’ve earned as hard-working Wisconsinites.

As your next governor, Andy Gronik will:

  • Support the Affordable Care Act, which helps Wisconsin seniors have access to their doctors, receive the crucial care they need to prevent serious medical emergencies, and eliminates the Medicare “donut hole;”
  • Support strengthening Social Security as a safety net for seniors;
  • Protect SeniorCare as a cost-effective alternative prescription drug service for Wisconsin residents;
  • Protect the Wisconsin pension system and maintain benefits for current retirees and future state workers;
  • Support a proposal to increase wages and training for Wisconsin Certified Nurses Assistants (CNA) and make sure they have access to medical care for themselves.