Protecting Our Democracy

On the campaign trail, Andy Gronik asks people all the time “Do you think politics as usual is working in Wisconsin?” The answer is always a resounding “No.” No one wants a broken system in which career politicians, special interests, and major corporations win at the expense of the people of our state. That broken system will change on Andy’s watch because he respects the people of our state and cherishes our democracy.

Andy believes in a transparent, accountable, and accessible government. He thinks the right to vote is sacred and we should do all we can to protect that right and expand it to as many Americans as possible to ensure they have a voice in our government. Voters should choose their politicians, not the other way around.

We should take the power of redistricting away from the legislature and put it into the hands of a non-partisan entity. We should stop gutting the ethics boards that oversee our elections and restore non-partisanship to those entities. Our politicians should not turn into professional fundraisers, and we should fight to remove the influence of money from our politics. Anything short of protecting our Democracy with these common-sense solutions to fix our entire system is just wrong and has no place in our state.

As governor, Andy Gronik will:

  • Restore the voice of the people of Wisconsin in our elections and adopt the Iowa model to take partisanship out of mapmaking;
  • Repeal voter ID laws;
  • Fight back against any unfair voting restrictions that limit voting hours, prevent absentee voting, and eliminate same-day voter registration;
  • Return our election commission to the nonpartisan watchdog model of the former GAB, so all of our elected officials are held fully accountable for any ethics violations;
  • Support legislation to increase transparency in all branches of state government;
  • Restore all of the duties of office of the Treasurer, an elected office Gov. Walker wants to eliminate so he controls the money and public lands of our state;
  • Advocate for plans that get money out of politics, so politicians work for you.