For an Economy That Works

Right now in Wisconsin, families are working two, three, or four jobs and still struggling to pay their rent. Parents are not seeing their kids, and these families can’t even dream about taking a vacation in our beautiful state. Well, that’s not a high quality of life, and it’s definitely not the Wisconsin Andy Gronik got to know living here his entire life.

Andy has 35 years of experience creating good-paying, family-sustaining jobs in the private sector. He accomplished this by bringing people together and getting executives out of boardrooms and onto factory floors so they could find the very best ideas for solving the issues facing their company.

Andy’s vision for the state builds on Wisconsin’s strengths and creates jobs in science, technology, manufacturing, and agriculture. Wisconsin has the infrastructure to claim world leadership in the industries supporting food production, packaging and distribution, freshwater and clean air technologies, and in renewable energy. We can bring families back to rural communities by being who we are in Wisconsin, and not by attempting to buy our way out of dismal job creation performance by shoveling taxpayer money off to Foxconn.

As governor, Andy Gronik will improve the economy and job creation in Wisconsin by doing the following:

  • Focusing economic development initiatives with clearly defined goals and tactics;
  • Rewarding cooperative economic development;
  • Creating regional jobs training programs that pay people a living wage to acquire the job skills needed to help grow Wisconsin businesses throughout our state;
  • Investing in all forms of transportation infrastructure and high-speed Internet and cellular technologies, so Wisconsin communities are connected to business opportunities worldwide;
  • Restructuring WEDC and DWD into one department without silos to energize our economy and maximizes the potential of every Wisconsinite to contribute to our new 21st-century economy;
  • Expanding access to all layers of capital needed to support entrepreneurial success;
  • Reforming corporate tax laws to promote the growth of small, medium, and large businesses throughout our state;
  • Establishing regional governor’s boards of local entrepreneurs, bankers, attorneys, accountants, and consultants to help incubate and grow successful new businesses;
  • Establishing 24/7 job concierge service to accelerate placement of qualified applicants with good-paying jobs;
  • Recruiting young graduates back to our state by helping them pay back student debt;
  • Making Wisconsin the place for Millennials by making them stakeholders in our future;
  • Creating and investing in the kinds of living and work environments young people want in communities throughout the state;
  • Advocating for paid family leave insurance that allows families to take paid leave from work to ensure economic stability following the birth or adoption of a child or in the midst of a family health crisis;
  • Supporting affordable child care and afterschool programs that provide flexibility for working families.

Click here to read #GroWis, Andy Gronik’s comprehensive plan to create good-paying jobs in Wisconsin.