For Gun Reform That Works

Gun violence is an epidemic across our country. People are being killed in mass shootings everywhere and well-intentioned thoughts and prayers offer no long-term solutions. Andy is not waiting for his kids, or your kids, to be the next victims. Decisive action is needed to reduce gun-related deaths and access to weapons by people suffering from mental illness or a history of violent crime. Andy will take immediate action and do so without compromising Wisconsin’s culture and comradery of hunting.

As governor, Andy will:

  • Refuse any support from the National Rifle Association (NRA) and invite the gun lobby to bring it on — I can’t be bought and won’t be intimidated;
  • Ban new and used military-style weapons, ammunition (including armor-
    piercing bullets), accessories like bump stocks, and replicas from being sold to the public and prohibit their use in the state;
  • Push for common-sense gun reforms including background checks, real waiting periods, and the closure of all loopholes;
  • Require gun dealers to keep all weaponry secure;
  • Restore local control and support communities choosing to adopt gun regulations stricter than those required by state statute;
  • Support raising the legal age for buying a gun to 21;
  • Funding a complete upgrade and integration of data platforms used by local and state law enforcement agencies to increase the effectiveness of every aspect of crime prevention including detecting crimes;
  • Support the repeal of the Dickey Amendment which restricts the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from funding research on gun-related deaths which would, in turn, allow lawmakers to use
    scientific information to help combat gun violence;
  • Expand access to mental health treatment;
  • Support measures that keep guns out of the hands of people with a history of violent crime, domestic abuse, and/or on terrorist watch lists;
  • Find innovative ways to appropriately identify people at risk of causing harm to themselves or others so they can get the treatment they need;
  • Encourage private-public partnerships with technology companies to raise awareness of warning signals and identify at-risk individuals;
  • Promote voluntary gun surrender and meltdown programs that produce medallions to be sold to support gun safety awareness programs throughout our state;
  • Ensure that these reforms respect and value Wisconsin’s hunting tradition and the tourism revenue generated statewide.

Andy will make sure that any additional safety measures required to make our schools safe would come from outside of the current funding formula so as not to take vital resources away from public education.

Andy does not support arming our teachers under any circumstances. He recalls the tragic circumstances involving a Glendale police officer who made a point of stopping at Nicolet High School, when he was enrolled there, to build relationships and trust with the students. This officer found himself off duty in a neighboring community during a robbery and managed to subdue the criminal. When Milwaukee police arrived, this off-duty police officer was mistakenly identified as the robber and shot and killed. Andy feels strongly that the collateral damage of arming teachers would result in more deaths, not fewer. Teachers, administrators, and staff are in the building to teach and support world-class education.