For Environmental Protection That Works

Andy Gronik believes there is a necessary and delicate balance between respecting and revering our environment and allowing our economy and business to grow. Under Gov. Walker there is no balance – his political supporters get what they want when they want it and with no consideration to the environmental impact and with the people of Wisconsin paying the ultimate price.

The GroWis economic development plan focuses on transforming Wisconsin into a 21st-century economy that leads the world in developing sustainable technologies around food production, packaging and distribution, freshwater science, clean air technology, and renewable energy. It’s possible to invest in the things that honor our planet and also create new businesses that offer good-paying, family-sustaining jobs in science, technology, manufacturing, and agriculture. For example, we can tackle some of Wisconsin’s toughest challenges by refining the technologies needed to power entire Wisconsin communities on renewable energy. We can have a booming economy and clean air and water, too.

In a Gronik administration, the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) will not be an enemy of the state as it is with the Walker administration. Wisconsin businesses want a DNR led by professionals with consistent standards that help them grow their businesses and preserve the natural beauty of our state at the same time. Wisconsin hunters and outdoor enthusiasts want healthy deer populations, marshes packed with waterfowl and streams plentiful with musky and fish they can eat. A professional DNR is an ally to everyone in Wisconsin.

We also need to protect our natural environment so future generations can hunt in our woods, fish in our streams, and enjoy the great natural beauty of our state.

As governor, Andy Gronik will protect our environment while also growing our economy. We will accomplish this by:

  • Combating climate change;
  • Passing sound environmental laws;
  • Restoring the DNR as a scientific organization;
  • Restoring the state’s moratorium on iron mining;
  • Passing legislation to adequately regulate, monitor and tax frac sand mining;
  • Being first to develop technologies that harness renewable energy to power Wisconsin cities;
  • Finding innovative ways to reclaim freshwater and return it to our fields;
  • Keeping public lands public and by respecting our state parks;
  • Taking action on the statewide issues of lead laterals poisoning our residents;
  • Aggressively reversing permitting process for high capacity wells;
  • Supporting research that advances solar and wind technologies and by leveraging these technologies at government installations;
  • Empowering local government to stand up to big polluters