For Education That Works

High-quality public schools have always been a major driving force as to why families have chosen to live in Wisconsin and companies have chosen to locate here. Supporting public schools is a core value we need to refocus on. Skilled teaching professionals and a supportive environment help ensure a child’s educational success. Conversely, great teachers leave when you humiliate them, cut their pay, and micromanage an ever-changing set of standards that some schools must follow but others do not.

As governor, Andy Gronik will put in place a real plan to improve K-12 education in our state by doing the following things:

  • Strengthening our public schools, and fully funding them;
  • Restoring collective bargaining rights;
  • Reviewing compensation packages so they are structured to reward inspired education and learning;
  • Testing appropriately and streamlining reporting to empower more one-on-one teaching;
  • Maintaining professional teaching standards in Wisconsin;
  • Discontinuing the expansion of voucher programs and focusing our resources and best practices on a “one school year” plan that makes our public schools the very best choice for our kids;
  • Defining consistent goals by which academic success will be measured and reported by all schools receiving state funding;
  • Deploying an agreed upon suite of national best practices and empowering schools to apply the most appropriate tools;
  • Eliminating the achievement gap by providing the same instruction, encouragement, support, and mentorship to all students;
  • Returning local control to school districts so they’re positioned to make decisions that are in the best interests of the kids in their classrooms and their surrounding communities;
  • Simplifying the ridiculously complicated funding formula so there is true equity in the way our schools are funded;
  • Connecting our kids to high-speed Internet, so all public schools are equipped to provide 21st-century learning for 21st-century jobs;
  • Mandating that long route school buses be Wi-Fi enabled;
  • Implementing programs to improve efficiency and return the savings realized to local school budgets to enhance learning programs.

Our university system has been starved, too. Walker cut $250 million from UW-System funding and cost the system nearly $8 million in research grants and $24 million in retention bonuses to keep professors who were lining up to leave our state – all while watching UW-Madison drop out of the Top 10 national rankings and lose world-class researchers.

As Governor, Andy Gronik plans to:

  • Restore funding to our public university system;
  • Make college free for Wisconsin students who have the grades but do not have the money;
  • Help recent college graduates living and working full-time in Wisconsin pay off their student loans by applying the amount they would have paid in state income tax until their loans are repaid;
  • Bringing Wisconsin businesses and Wisconsin’s systems of education together to enter into new ventures that leverage their collective brainpower, lower the cost of innovation, and create opportunities to share in the success of profitable joint ventures;
  • Stopping the attacks on our 1st Amendment Right of free speech on college campuses;
  • Giving young Wisconsinites a seat at the table and a stake in Wisconsin’s future by listening to their ideas, and making them a partner in our shared success.