Reuniting Wisconsin

Andy Gronik has been traveling the state for more than two years now, listening to thousands of people living in the city and the country about the real-life challenges they face living in Wisconsin. When he’s in rural areas of our state, people ask him to not forget about them and to come back soon. And, when Andy’s in our cities listening to people living in poverty, they ask him to do the very same thing.

Gov. Walker has spent the last seven years playing “divide and conquer” with the people of our state. And, he’s been successful transforming the place – and not in a good way. But, the truth is, we’re not that different, and we all want the same thing. People are sick of being pitted against their friends and neighbors, and they are sending a clear signal to Walker that his time is up. And, he’s scared — calling these signals a “Wake Up Call.”

Andy will not participate in this “us or them” politics. While Andy’s made no bones about his disdain for Walker’s tactics and unwillingness to stand for all the people of our state, Andy comes into this process respecting people’s differences of opinions and is skilled at finding ways to build consensus and work together toward common goals. He sees Walker’s recent ploys to seem more moderate by contradicting actions he’s taken during his administration to be disingenuous, and Andy is confident these efforts will be transparent to Wisconsinites regardless of their political affiliation.

Andy also rejects efforts to make this election about city or country, urban or rural. He will not participate in continuing to divide our state for political purposes. As far as Andy is concerned, we are one Wisconsin and he has one plan that builds on the strengths of our entire state. This election will not be about where you live for Andy. It will be about what Andy stands for, and he stands for making life in our state better for everyone who lives here. So, Andy will seek the very best ideas for our state, and he does not care where they come from as long as they put the people of Wisconsin first.

Finding our Wisconsin again is going to take effort after all that Walker’s put us through to destroy our unity. Andy suggests that we begin by remembering that we are all neighbors of one another and that we owe each other our loyalty.