Democratic Candidates Flip-Flop on Unaccountable Private School Vouchers

A recent article by the Wisconsin State Journal’s Molly Beck, sought to summarize key points about my plan for the elimination of, and the thoughtful transition from, the expansion of the school voucher plan in Wisconsin.

“The State Journal summarized a couple key points about my plan accurately, however, I was amazed by the responses from my gubernatorial challengers,” said Gronik on Friday. “I’ve consistently called them out at gubernatorial forums across the state for pandering to the Democrats in the room by claiming they’d eliminate vouchers on day one. I’ve called these statements intellectually dishonest and said it’s not reasonable to say you’d transition 30,000+ kids out of voucher schools on day one.  And, I’ve said such a plan would be most harmful to our most vulnerable students. However, the reported answers of my challengers suggest that they actually agree with me.”

From day one, Andy Gronik has been consistent with a message to make our public schools the very best choice for our kids. At the same time, Gronik has maintained a practical approach to solving the problem, by always acknowledging the logistical issues with taking children out of unaccountable private schools and immediately placing them in public schools in their neighborhood until these schools have the space, resources, and ability to offer a safe and productive educational experience that is the best choice for the kids in the school.

“I promised myself when I decided to run for Governor that I would not become a part of the problem. I’m here to tell people exactly who I am and work together with people to find real solutions that work,” concluded Gronik. “My plan significantly increases funding to public schools, eliminates vouchers by first stopping their expansion, sunsets the unaccountable voucher school program in five years, measures all schools receiving vouchers using the same metrics or they lose state funding and honors our most vulnerable kids by refusing to send them back to their neighborhood public school until it is the best choice. We’re not privatizing our schools or losing another generation of kids on my watch!”

Read Gronik’s full education plan here.