Andy Gronik is running for governor to put people in Wisconsin first.

Join Andy Gronik for a Wisconsin that works

For a Wisconsin that works!

“It’s time for bold new ideas that will make living in Wisconsin better for everyone.” – Andy Gronik

Why Elect Andy

It’s time to move Wisconsin forward

Andy is an innovative and courageous leader who will bring people together to rediscover all that we have in common in our Wisconsin and help find the very best ideas to make life in our state better for everyone. He spent his entire career helping thousands of struggling businesses throughout the world solve complex problems and create jobs. Andy will champion your story and fight for our progressive values to:

    • Create good-paying, family-sustaining jobs with benefits that provide a secure retirement
    • Make public education the best choice for our kids and college education affordable for everyone
    • Provide healthcare to all so anyone who gets sick can afford the care needed to get better

We all want to be able to provide a better life for our families, and politics as usual is not going to make this happen. It’s time for a leader who knows how to get things done. Andy’s ready. We know you are, too.

Let’s get it started!